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Evergreen Research by SGF Exclusively by Chris Wickham

Swiss Growth Forum announces the launch of Evergreen Research Briefs to complement our Institutional IR distribution across multiple platforms to over 450,000 investors in 28 countries.

April 8, 2020: At a time when in-person investor meetings are on hold, Swiss Growth Forum is adapting to expand its virtual communication programs for its clients. Part of that is the launch of its Evergreen Research Briefs program for ventures seeking to raise early-stage expansion capital.

Evergreen Research Briefs are a cost-effective direct messaging tool for companies. SGF supplements these briefs with strong messaging, a robust target market of investors and by facilitating conference calls and roadshows.


The launch of our Research Briefs service is another example of how Swiss Growth Forum provides supportive, high quality and in-depth investment research for its fundraising clients. SGF’s reputation was built on the excellence of its Forums both in Continental Europe and other international locations. However, SGF has more recently stepped up its research activities with the launch of Evergreen Research Briefs, of which this update about SGF is an example.

Two recent client briefs are also shared to demonstrate their ability to convey a venture’s message and investment value.

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