Rainbow Movies – Swiss Growth Forum to host European Roadshow

Swiss Growth Forum is pleased to announce that it is hosting a pan-European investor roadshow for talented film company Rainbow Movies, which is raising expansion capital via SPAC.   The Back2Future Multimedia SPAC will present in Milan, Paris, Zurich, Luxembourg, Lugano and London through starting on 9/23. Please click here for a full schedule of meetings.  Back2 the Future Multimedia SPAC

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of the Back to Future Multimedia SPAC states “2022 is expected to a break-out year for independent film productions as demand has responded to the new generation of online film providers, significantly associated with the COVID19 pandemic.  Investors should look to get involved.”  SGF Evergreen Research plans to initiate coverage of the company imminently.

Chris Wickham, a senior international investment analyst who consults into Swiss Growth Forum’s Evergreen Research stated that he is “pleased to be working with Rainbow Movies because it is a company which represents the future of movies and TV Series.”  He added, “this is a company which is on top of the many changes which are coming for the movie industry – in terms of how talent is recruited, movies are scripted and produced as well as, importantly, distributed.  It’s a blockbuster of an investment opportunity!”

Rainbow and potential for a SPAC

Rainbow Movies believes that the choice of using a SPAC to raise expansion capital and offer investors the chance to participate in a disruptive growth company like Rainbow Movies is undoubtedly the best one. They are further encouraged by the fact that the SPAC promoters are American and are very familiar with the instrument, which has existed successfully in the USA since 1985. In fact, in 2020, US$80bn was raised through SPACs compared with US$67bn from traditional IPOs.

Digital distribution of films

It is clear that the digital distribution market will continue its growth in share and value and that the main distribution players will remain fewer and fewer at the international levelnot least because cinemas are destined to decrease in importance.

But the company does not believe that they will disappear. Rather, cinema will become a place for entertainment and socialising, diversifying but maintaining its main mission: a place for film screenings. The natural selection will leave alive the spaces that will be able to requalify and offer additional services and opportunities not comparable to those “in house”.

Rainbow Movies

Rainbow Movies one of the few independent movie companies where the skillsets of financial strategy, business opportunity and artistic creativity coexist from the beginning.

For Rainbow it is essential that all three centres of excellence have the same priority and that every  project embraces all three. For this reason, they have chosen to have all the processes of the production chain implemented internally, responding from the beginning to the last step to a single philosophy without losing sight of objectives and consistency.

Rainbow’s  philosophy is that “Cinema is an industry”, creative and artistic but always an industry.

Key movies and TV series in prospect

Paradise lost is Drama-thriller based on a true story, set in Panama and starring an American citizen who later became a serial killer as he was blinded by the ambition of wealth. The film will be shot in tenerife with the support of the Canary Islands Film Commission.

China on a Vespa is a feature film in the biopic – on the road genre, which will be co-produced with China. It is based on the homonymous book-diary by Giorgio Bettinelli, a forerunner of today’s blog-travellers, who toured many countries using his beloved Vespa as his only means of transport. During his travels he meticulously wrote down his adventures…and misadventures. China on a Vespa is a very important project because it represents the entry into the Chinese market, which we know is one of the most dynamic and thriving.

Peter Amedeo Giannini, is a film inspired by the story of the man of Italian origin who founded Bank of America. A story of creativity and ethical finance of the man who with “his” Bank contributed to the strengthening of the myth of the American dream.

The Rebel Queen is a TV series designed for 3 seasons, with the possibility of expanding to 5, inspired by the incredible life of a historical figure: Queen Christina of Sweden, who lived in the 17th century.


Andreea Porcelli, CEO, Swiss Growth Forum Chris Wickham, Senior Investment Analyst and Research Consultant to SGF Evergreen Research

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