Andreea Porcelli Presents New Normal Capital at Las Vegas and the SGF Summer Edition in Monaco

New Normal Capital (the “Company”) is a private wealth and asset management company founded by experienced Silicon Valley professionals with a large law firm/corporate law and large institutional advisor portfolio manager experience.   
The Company ( focuses on US public markets including an ESG (environmental, social and governance) + Silicon Valley growth (climate tech/sustainability/digital health/wellness) SMA (separately managed account) strategy as well as general private wealth/asset management (which includes crypto/blockchain/digital assets/asset management and tech enabled real estate management solution and family office/structuring advisory).   
The Company has a special focus on founders/VCs/executives who have had an M&A or IPO exit as well as general high net worth individuals/family offices and private wealth advisors.

Carnomaly ( is a Company portfolio company and focuses on bringing blockchain technology to the retail automotive sector through service management and a sales platform for buying, selling and owing an automobile. 

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