Gil Amelio, Silicon Valley pioneer, Presents the Beneventure Fund with Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forum at BITAngels Las Vegas on Tuesday 6/15.

Beneventure Partners BPA announced today that it has launched a novel Accelerated Private Equity/Venture Capital of $200M seeking investors interested in the most exciting companies participating in the mega trends of our era. Led by Managing Partner Gil Amelio, former Apple CEO and visionary leader, BPA will achieve rapid exits from the initial investments with top of class returns. Recognized as one of the 50 pioneers that built Silicon Valley, Gil has transformed five businesses in three different industries creating a cumulative incremental shareholder value of $10B.

“We are returning to the best days of venture capital when experienced leaders built distinctive value providing “on the playing field” hands on support to the entrepreneurs that were financed. Our s upport to company leaders will include oversight, mentoring, guidance and access to prospective customers via our extensive global networks We enable them to enhance their messaging and elevate valuation and acceleration of time to exit”, said Gil.

The support that BPA provides includes the application of a proprietary Accelerated Model developed in conjunction with Fortune 50 companies to facilitate and expe dite due diligence and revenue generation by selected portfolio companies. This model identifies growth barriers and unlocks company potential through the utilization of BPA Partner experiences.

BPA has designed the Fund for rapid high returns by contributing a significant fraction of their interest at no cost in active portfolio companies to the Fund poised for successful exits with a present value of $20M. The BPA partners intend to maintain 20- 30+% fully diluted ownership in these companies. Founding Investors providing the first $50M (25%) in the Fund have the added incentive of capturing 50% of the liquidity gains from them.

The growth of the Fund will be enabled by a n investment in addition al pipeline targets with a similar pedigree with over 100 high potential companies already identified within the sector focus. Term sheets are in place for high quality candidates predicated on funding.

Today these portfolio companies are benefitting from the wisdom, experience, and leadership of the BPA team. As noted by Franz Ressel, CEO of XOTV “The BPA team has provided fantastic support in generating tremendous new business opportunities and enabling us to be even clearer in how we speak to the value we generate in all of our communications.”
Mike Kneeland, COO of VideoBomb emphasized the value of the process, “Working with BPA has enabled our company to better align with our customers’ needs. We have completely transformed our business strategy and messaging to customers to better align with today’s most critical imperatives and maximize business outcomes for all customers, regardless of industry. The results have been outstanding, and we look forward to a continued working relationship with BPA”

For investors interested in this distinctive opportunity, please contact one of the BPA senior partners and visit our website at

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