Prior Releases for Client Briefs – EverGreen By SGF Research Reports

Evergreen by SGF is proud to launch our exclusive Research and Analysis service aimed at Growth Companies Worldwide like Fox Automotive. Our distribution to over 18,000 institutions in 14 countries is unparalleled.

Chris Wickham – analyst at Equity Development and founder-CEO of CWIC ES Ltd made the following comment:

With its unique appearance, central driver position, 130km/h top speed and ‘charge anywhere’ battery, it’s hard to see both drivers and investors not being impressed with MIA and keen to get on board,”

Chris, who is research consultant to Evergreen, also comments that “MIA is a project being driven by Fox Automotive’s highly driven and very talented management team spearheaded by Patrick Bigger and Andreas Kratzer.”  Chris was very impressed by their ability to “see around the corners and marry great motoring understanding with an appreciation of shareholders’ needs.